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the security in a galaxy ...

can long term never be reached somewhere

through violent measures
not corresponding to cosmic reality
being  only excuses for the rulers there ...

and excuses for the terrorists > who >
these violent orders can not accept ...

only an intelligent life

our cosmic community

why am i still here?

of course
 because it cannot be ruled out
that this criminal selection

some how survive !!!

and with her search to destroy everything

at some point becoming
a threat to the whole universe!

there fore a danger for
all intelligent living
over all in this

a shame for the creation this one in any case

so I have to work on this
work out the exact situation!

because the sooner we know about it

the better ...
be that for all homo sapiens !

all over in this ...


the aspiration

of every existence
should capture reality
to be of his existence

the apprehension of earthly reality
the capture of cosmic reality

and never the escape from this reality
so the escape from any responsibility

where this all madness resulting from

it being about the realization of all people
not about the realization

of his own madness
because the person in question is unable to
realize himself

but only seek his freedom
to create his vanity ... insanity
because he be about to kill his world

every human

so it is about gaining wisdom

no power to exercise can be guaranteed
no escape from wisdom

because you are on the run
before your very failure

the quality mark of an individual

so existing
his ability to argue
not in his power ability
with the help of his mass

destroying everything of value
so all of these on here ?

I can so far
not find a single one
that does no harm

so be a plague
and this democracy
is the evidence there for

mean while an argumentocracy
the proof that this argument is capable
be able to prove their worth

that because all democrats
prove their rulership

are based on their principle
of power seizure of the majority

hence this power seizure
nor do they guarantee human rights

but only rulers
  ergo > damage rights

climate tilt right
enslave rights
predator rights
contaminate rights

so everything
only harm be done

meanwhile an argumentocracy
the evidence of a human race

who can not argue
can not be human
but an animal

because unconscious
driven offenders

would these democrats be worth anything
then they could all have this value
conveying to every one

they would guarantee a legal state
without police ... military ... probaganda

so we only have quantity here
equal amount ... equal destruction

not a single native person
there is no wisdom
no rule of law

only the argumentocrat
having the wisdom
being right

the quality
the being in themselves
the value deciding

who ???
can give a better description
deliver a better reality ???

who ???
a better solution ???

of course for all homo sapiens
in this universe
so this one

million x million x million

do you have a better solution?

can they even know anything?
or do science?

or just with the help of your mass
destroy all their future !

communication galactic security

can guarantee an endless decent order!

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